This is my search and its definitive recognition. It would be deceptive to assert that I offer «this», «that» and «something in addition». Vona Dmytra — it is on becoming a Woman, on the reinterpritation of power and sensuality, freedom and boundaries. Vona Dmytra it is a provocative unity and eternal opposition. I keep the way in my hands. I was looking for a genuine word and stopped on the felicitous — Female sensuality in apparel. My fifteen-years design experience and future aspirations are focused in these words. Sensations are primary. With glowing lines, lively texture, vivid colors I offer, please, assure — feelings are fashionable, not clothes! Sensation is absorbing fashion, as fashion without feelings absorbs personality. Within collections Vona Dmytra you will not find any two identical things, just as it is impossible to imagine that the first sight at the world may be identical to another one. Thus, I deliberately omit a clear setting of dates, season collections. When the heart works — the essence of a human — Fashion within sensation, but not the stencil catalogs and illusory choice.

Values of ™ Fashion within sensations. Wouldn't it be weird to sell just another clothing?

Any clothing is no more than a tool for expressing internal self.

No two people are alike, their feelings are one-of-a-kind, and their tools of expression must give room for uniqueness.

Philosophy слогана Жіноча чуттєвість в одязі звертає погляд жінки до самої себе і базується на константі відчуття — першочергове.

History: For a long time designer and founder of the brand worked under her own name-Liliya Mykytyak. Rebranding took place at the beginning of 2017 and from then on the brand was called “Vona Dmytra”. There are numerous reasons for it. The main of them:

- Readiness to bring up questions about the meaning of personality, man, woman, and interpersonal relations.

- Willing to emphasize the importance of teamwork. The result of brand’s work comes from the cooperation of the small yet very organized and understanding group of people

Stylistic features : The main feature that differs Vona Dmytra collections from other brand’s collections is no binding to seasons and dates. In the era of the open world where winter can be replaced by summer almost immediately, for example, after a 12-hour flight, unstereotypical views on your appearance and lifestyle is valued like never before. Worth mentioning that when choosing fabrics for dresses, brand prefers fabrics made out of natural fibers (cotton, flax, hemp). Recognisable features: pithiness of lines, diversity of textures, hand-made prints, original implements, accurate implementation of interior seams of products.